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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Flip a coin work?
In "Flip a Coin" users can bet on either side of the coin with credits. After 80 seconds, when the outcome is decided, the winners obtain divided credit on whoever bet on the losing side of the coin.
  • Every coin flip chance is calculated based on the bet on each side. More bets on one side = More chance of that side winning.
  • Maximum possible bet is 5 times the total pot, this is to avoid massive sniping.
How does Roll a dice work?
In "Roll a dice" users may post bets of their choice, then the bets can be accepted by other users. Whoever rolls a higher total of 3 dice wins.
  • 1. You may re-roll any number of the 3 dice once.
  • 2. Minimum bet is 3 credits.
How do I deposit skins?
  • Log into our site
  • Send a maximum number of 20 skins to one of our bots, minimum $0.50/item. We only accept skins which were sold at least 30 times on the steam community market in the past 24 hours.
  • After our bot reviewed your offer, its status will change to 'Pending'. You'll have 3 minutes to Verify the offer by pressing the Verify button. Make sure that every item was processed!
How is the skin's value calculated?
The skin's current value is the median value of its past 24-hour history. We only accept skins which has >30 listing on market. Therefore, we can't accept rare items like knives because of their price fluctuation. You get 1 credit for every $0.01 item value.
How do I withdraw skins?
If one of our bots is online, you can see his inventory on the Withdraw page. You can request maximum 20 items / withdraw. After our bot has accepted your request, he will send a trade offer, (it takes usually 5-20 seconds) and you'll have 3 minutes to respond.
Do you take any fees?
We only take 6% of every withdraw (minimum $0.01/ skin), to keep our servers running.
How can I contact you?
You can join our Steam group and post on our forums, or for emergencies you can comment our admin's Steam profile and he will get back to you as soon as he can.

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