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After every slot is taken, the winning ticket gets randomly selected. You can win a skin, or skin credit by buying tickets. In a skin raffle, once you've won, you get a trade offer after claiming the prize. If you fail to accept the trade, you will be given credits equal to the value of the skin. If you win a skin credit raffle, the credits will be automatically added to your account. The raffle's rake is usually ~10%.

Finished raffles:

StatTrak™ P250 | Valence (Minimal Wear)
Five-SeveN | Retrobution (Well-Worn)
AK-47 | Elite Build (Minimal Wear)
Skin credit
115 cr
Glock-18 | Royal Legion (Field-Tested)
Skin credit
144 cr
FAMAS | Teardown (Factory New)
M249 | Nebula Crusader (Well-Worn)
Souvenir G3SG1 | Polar Camo (Field-Tested)
Desert Eagle | Naga (Minimal Wear)
Five-SeveN | Urban Hazard (Field-Tested)
StatTrak™ MP7 | Urban Hazard (Factory New)
Souvenir MAG-7 | Irradiated Alert (Field-Tested)
StatTrak™ Glock-18 | Catacombs (Minimal Wear)
XM1014 | Teclu Burner (Minimal Wear)
Skin credit
501 cr
M4A1-S | Basilisk (Minimal Wear)
AWP | Worm God (Factory New)
StatTrak™ FAMAS | Survivor Z (Well-Worn)
Galil AR | Chatterbox (Well-Worn)
M4A4 | Desert-Strike (Field-Tested)
M4A1-S | Basilisk (Factory New)
StatTrak™ AK-47 | Elite Build (Well-Worn)
PP-Bizon | Antique (Minimal Wear)
MP7 | Special Delivery (Minimal Wear)
Sticker | Bash (Holo)
FAMAS | Djinn (Field-Tested)
StatTrak™ Glock-18 | Catacombs (Factory New)
StatTrak™ Dual Berettas | Dualing Dragons (Minimal Wear)
StatTrak™ P90 | Module (Minimal Wear)
AK-47 | Blue Laminate (Minimal Wear)
Five-SeveN | Case Hardened (Field-Tested)
Falchion Case Key
Community Sticker Capsule 1 Key
StatTrak™ SSG 08 | Slashed (Field-Tested)
M4A4 | 龍王 (Dragon King) (Minimal Wear)
Shadow Case Key
Shadow Case Key
StatTrak™ Music Kit | AWOLNATION, I Am
AWP | Pit Viper (Well-Worn)
M249 | Nebula Crusader (Minimal Wear)
StatTrak™ SSG 08 | Slashed (Field-Tested)
P250 | Muertos (Minimal Wear)
StatTrak™ Sawed-Off | Origami (Factory New)
M4A1-S | Nitro (Field-Tested)
Glock-18 | Bunsen Burner (Factory New)
StatTrak™ Galil AR | Rocket Pop (Minimal Wear)
AWP | Worm God (Factory New)
AUG | Chameleon (Field-Tested)
FAMAS | Neural Net (Minimal Wear)